Darlene provides counseling/coaching services that truly address the holistic nature of her clients. By drawing on her extensive nursing background and understanding of the multiple factors that influence health and wellness, Darlene supports her clients in their quests for wellness. She provides an integrative and holistic approach to counseling, whether it is managing medications or looking at the energy of a situation. She has moved beyond the traditional model of counseling by blending multiple approaches including complementary therapies.

Darlene Hess is my new hero. She so bravely offers her clients a fresh look at life and its source of joy. Darlene showed me to myself and then helped me ask myself who I want to be. I then was able to confidently choose this new person, full of joy and life!

THANK YOU for your appropriate, learned, quality intervention in my thinking processes. You helped me examine my values, priorities – and how I arrived at them – at a time of several crises in my life. With your guidance, I found a basis for proceeding with hope. Thank you!

Darlene has an extensive background in nursing, health and wellness, instruction, curriculum design and integrative/holistic nursing care. Darlene designed an innovative, cutting edge curriculum for our Baccalaureate degree in nursing with a philosophical framework of integrative/holistic nursing care. This one of a kind program prepares professional nurses to provide holistic nursing care and integrate complementary therapies into their professional practice. Darlene brings not only a high level of professionalism to her consulting business but a passion for her work.
Ellen Trabka
Chair, Health Occupations Department
Northern New Mexico College

I have been seeing Dr. Hess for the better part of one year. I sought her guidance when my husband was diagnosed with a progressive debilitating disease and I was so devastated I had difficulty coping with daily life. Dr. Hess, through gentle coaching, intuitive feedback and encouraging approaches to thinking, provided me wonderful tools I began using regularly. As we progressed deeper in to the core of my devastation, I was able to actually accept my husband’s disease as a gift. I am continuing to seek Dr. Hess’ guidance on a less frequent basis. I continually look forward to her holistic take on my situation and always leave her presence refreshed, revitalized, and ready to look at life challenges in a deeper, more positive way.

I completely support seeking help when one needs help and Darlene Hess has the unique combination of experience, education, and personality to provide the help. During a time of crisis and feeling immobilized from being overwhelmed I reached out to Dr Hess for help and support. She treated me with the utmost respect and compassion.

The approach of coaching was a new one for me. The collaborative format helped me focus on the present and take necessary steps to accomplish both short and long term goals. Months have passed since I completed the coaching sessions with Darlene and I continue to use the tools she helped me to develop on a daily basis.

Life is so busy and women like myself are trying to balance work, life, and in my case, college. The coaching I received and participated in was instrumental in assisting me to regain my physical, mental, and emotional health. Darlene’s holistic approach was critical to my restored ability to cope, thrive, and pursue success academically, in my career, and in my marriage. Her intuitive, relaxed, and professional manner put me immediately at ease. I enthusiastically recommend speaking with Darlene Hess regarding the services she offers.